Did you know that saltern in Ston is one of the oldest active salterns in the world? That the world’s first Sea Organs that make sounds with the help of the sea are situated in Dalmatia? That this region contains the longest defensive walls in Europe? That the Dalmatian dog breed originates and gets its name from this region? That the sunset in Zadar is said to be the most beautiful in the world? That a 3500-year-old sphinx from Egypt is located here? So many things are yet to be discovered in Dalmatia! Every town is filled with history. So many interesting things happened in this area. Many monuments were built and many of them have been preserved. Everything complements this region. The coastline (around 400 kilometers long) with its many islands is always first to be seen. Then the cobblestone streets filled with stone houses with hills in the background, sometimes rocky, sometimes green, but always beautiful. Dalmatia has more than 2600 hours of sunshine per year and Adriatic coast is considered to be one of the sunniest in Mediterranean. Dalmatian gastronomy, which uses the very best from the sea, is seasoned with Mediterranean spices. Music can be heard on every corner and today, represents cultural heritage and an essential part of the day. Klape, a Croatian traditional way of singing through songs, shows Croatian history to the listeners. The towns in Dalmatia are largely built with original Croatian stones, which is one of the reasons why Croatia is so authentic. The Adriatic Sea, Europe’s second cleanest sea, contains around 1200 islands and 940 are situated in Dalmatia. Most of Croatia’s national parks and protected areas can be found in this region. The best part of Dalmatia is that it is still unspoiled; it still has the best of everything. Try to experience Dalmatia. Sit down, take a deep breath, feel the sea and smell the salt, listen to the seagulls, lean back and enjoy! Dalmatia has many things to offer and wants to show you!

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