The cathedral complex in Poreč is called Euphrasiana after Bishop Euphrasius who renovated the cathedral and decorated it with its famous mosaics (6th century). The complex consists of the Euphrasius basilica, the baptistery and the Episcopal palace, the bell tower, the atrium and the memorial chapel. All of these notable buildings are outstanding examples of religious culture, while the cathedral itself combines elements of classicism and Byzantine. The apse is richly decorated with figurative mosaics representing one of the most important examples of its kind in Europe. Many archaeological remains can be seen in the complex, primarily mosaics from the 3rd century, which cover the interior of the church and the facade. They are considered to be the most beautiful examples of Byzantine art. Many other valuable religious monuments and art objects from the era of Christianity, early Byzantine and medieval periods are also found in the complex. UNESCO placed Euphrasiana on its list of World Heritage Sites in 1997.