"Travelling throughout Bosnia without seeing Jajce would be unforgivable, because it is, without a doubt, the jewel of this country on/with a beautiful setting" stated one historian in his observations in the 19th century. Jajce was one of the most important settlements of medieval Bosnia. There are several legends about how the city got its name. One is that the eggs were used as a binding material in the construction of the famous Jajce complex, which includes fortress walls and towers. The entire town lies on an egg-shaped hill, so this is another reason for the development of a second legend about the origin of the name. The third legend says that the city got its name by the Castel dell'Ovo in Italian Naples, which could be translated as Castle of the Eggs. The Jajce fortress is very similar to the one in Naples. The last legend comes from an era when Jajce was most developed (Middle Ages) and the traders from Italy lived there. It is possible that they have spread this version of the legend. The last Bosnian king Stjepan Tomašević, was executed here in the 15th century by the orders of the Ottoman Sultan Mehmed II and the Bosnian kingdom stopped existing. His skeleton and skull separated from the body are still preserved today. The most interesting site in Jajce, except for the town itself, is certainly its waterfall. Back in 1888 the first viewpoint overlooking the waterfall was constructed, but unfortunately, through time it was demolished. This waterfall is one of the twelve most beautiful waterfalls in the world and the only one located in the city center. Beside the old town, bastion and fountains, you can visit many other sites such as Bear Tower with the Catacombs, Suleymaniye Mosque, Clock Tower, Travnik gate, Mithreum... The town is small but full of history and spirit. It is called the City Museum- enough said about its pristine beauty.

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