According to legend, Motovun was a town of giants that lived in the valley of the Mirna River. Today, Motovun is a picturesque little town that overlooks the Mirna River valley and a small town that attracts artist from all over the world. It is distinguished from other towns in Istria. Motovun has fertile flat lands, forests and rivers, and gastronomy that is largely based on truffles. Mirna River valley is considered to be the most famous truffle finding spot, where some of the biggest truffles have been found. The oldest part of the town as we see it today is from 14th century and a walk up the hill takes us to the central square Andrea Antia. The walk up to the hill gives us a chance to see all of the other sites of the town. We can see town walls and town gates, the Lapidarium, the City Lodge and Belvedere. The view from uptown Belvedere is breathtaking. There is also one other legend that says that the town lies on an ancient energy source and affects everyone who lives or comes here, making them calm and in good spirit. Come and feel it!

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