Sarajevo is inhabited from ancient times, but the most beautiful things to see in this city are the remains of Ottoman architecture in the city. Certainly the most famous example is Baščaršija. The main square was built in the 15th century and is full of architectural landmarks; the Baščaršija Mosque built in 1528, Gazi Husrev- beg Mosque, the first mosque in the world that used electric lighting in 1898, the Clock Tower from the 17th century with its clock made in London in 1873, Sebilj fountain built in the place of a destroyed old one. The whole square is full of small streets with old stones and wooden houses, mosques, churches, and workshops where craftsmen make thousands of authentic products. In addition to numerous Ottoman buildings such as mosques, hamams, harems, madrassas and bridges, you can also take a look at those built in the Austro-Hungarian period; the City Hall, House of Spite and Despić House, Hotel Europa (the first modern hotel built in Sarajevo in the 19th century), bridges, city market,...See how this wonderful city, full of spirit, history and tradition lives. Drink a cup of coffee on Baščaršija and try ćevap, Sarajevo's trademark, and do as people of Sarajevo do, at least for a day.

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