Ston is a small town located on the Pelješac peninsula, near the city of Dubrovnik. After the town fell under the rule of the Dubrovnik Republic in 1334, construction of the walls began. They were one of the largest construction projects of that time. Today its length is 5.5 kilometers, although the original length was 7 kilometers. The walls were built to protect the salt saltern, which brought big profits to Dubrovnik Republic, a mussel farm, and the city itself and were built over four centuries. The terrain and developments in weaponry demanded the adjustments of the walls. They consist of Ston and Little Ston, the big wall with three forts, 10 round and 31 square towers, and six semi-circular bastions. Salt was especially important for the town of Ston. Its production, transport and trade brought to the city financial benefits and importance. Today's saltern in Ston is the oldest active saltern in the world.  The first written documents mentioning the shellfish farming dates back to the 16th century and there are traces of oyster farming from the Roman times. Climb up the walls and look at the landscape from a different view. Look at the salt fields or, better yet, take part in the salt harvest! Try a job that has not changed since ancient times!

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