Varaždin is a city of culture, baroque, flowers and music. A city that is completely shaped by its history. Today it is a city that possesses the richest and most preserved Baroque town and exceptional monumental and artistic heritage; palaces, castles, buildings, houses and villas, galleries and museums, monasteries and churches built in the style of Baroque, Rococo, Classicism, Art Nouveau and modern architecture. In a sea of beautiful palaces, the story of Herzer Palace is especially interesting. It was built in the 18th century and was not built by a noble family. On the contrary, it was built by a postman who made his fortune winning the lottery. However, as he was quickly bankrupted, his palace was confiscated. Today it is one of the finest examples of late Baroque architecture. The city nurtures culture and art. Sometimes, indeed, it seems that they have the final word in this town. Many cultural events are being held; Varaždin Baroque Evenings retain baroque music in the city, Špancirfest, characterized as a festival of good emotions, held in the summer brings so much variety and color illustrated through numerous concerts, exhibitors, performances, programs,... The city has won numerous awards for achievement in tourism, on both the local and international level. Unquestionably, the most beautiful city in continental Croatia is Varaždin! What particularly attracts people is the Baroque style on every corner, so it is often called "Baroque in a pocket". Let us evoke that feeling!

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