There is something special about Zagreb. A feeling that locals want to preserve and leave to the future generations. Although the city is becoming similar to other European capitals and you can feel a busy, bustling spirit of the capital, Zagreb has decided to preserve its uniqueness and tranquility through history and legends. All of this is completed by a walk through the old parts of the city. Have a walk through Downtown, take a look at the Croatian National Theatre, explore the Flower and Ban Jelačić square, the main square in Zagreb, where the legend says Zagreb got its name. A fountain called Manduševac on this square has the leading role in this story. The old Ban, tired and thirsty, ordered a girl named Manda to bring water from a spring , today’s fountain. Ban said, " Manda, dear, z a g r a b i! ". “Zagrabi” in Croatian language means to scoop out. The spring, and later the fountain, got its name from that girl and Zagreb by that word and the story. After exploring Downtown, stroll down Ilica Street, the longest street in Zagreb, and take a ride on the funicular, which connects Downtown to the Upper Town. This upper part is one of the two medieval settlements from which Zagreb has emerged. See the Croatian Parliament, St. Mark’s Church, City Hall, Lotršćak Tower, many palaces, museums and old schools... Hear the legends, pass through its baroque part, smell the flowers at the Flower Square. Smell the Dolac, see the old town market, meet the locals, explore the city and then sit down for a coffee in one of the many cafes and experience Zagreb as you experience the local way of life.

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