Zagreb and North Croatia

To describe this region of Croatia only few words are necessary:

- throughout the history this area had a strategic importance. It was located at the intersection of many roads, various trading routes and was visited by many artists, who have influenced its development and today’s appearance. Closeness of Croatia’s capital and Zagorje region in North Croatia, that is often called "greenest part of Croatia ", have put them together in sharing the same battles, rulers, growth...
Architecture - through history Zagreb was often called "Little Paris" and Varaždin was characterized as a "Little Vienna".
Although these cities were inhabited before the Middle Ages, its architecture is closely related to this period. This region is filled with beautiful pieces of medieval architecture and monuments.
Examples of Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque, Rococo and Classicist architecture can be found literary everywhere. One of the finest examples of Art Nouveau works were built in Zagreb in the beginning of 20th century.
Stroll through the cities and its outskirts, discover the forts, numerous palaces, towers and houses with their lively backyards!
Warmth - you can still feel the warmth and friendliness among people. When you get to know the locals you’ll receive an honest and sincere smile. Old ladies on the marketplaces, street entertainers, musicians and dancers, fairs, food stalls with chestnuts and corn, ice cream... Stroll through the old parts of the city, wander around and feel all that liveliness. People still talk for hours while drinking coffee! Locals are friendly and hospitable to the increasing number of tourists visiting the region.
Gastronomy - this region is extremely proud of its cuisine diversity! Gastronomy is characterized by many simple but delicious dishes. Homemade bread, mostly from corn or barley, pasta, dairy products, plenty of vegetables, soups, salads...
But, Croats are especially proud of their desserts. Try some of them; delicious pancakes, strudel, strudel with cheese or apple, pumpkin cake, cakes, ice creams and štrukli, which are especially good...
Culture - Croatia is generally getting closer to the other European countries and she is not far behind in offer of cultural events. A large number of theater shows, concerts and musical events, museum and gallery exhibitions and theme lectures can be found on almost every corner.
Landscape - this region is often called "the green part of Croatia". Northern Croatia is situated on the border with Austria, Hungary and Slovenia, in the basin of the rivers Sava, Drava and Mura. The tallest Zagorje mountain Ivančica is located here, as well as numerous highlands and forests. The scenery is so beautiful! Green woods, valleys, fields, rivers, castles and small wooden houses are in perfect harmony. The most beautiful Croatian castles Trakošćan and Veliki Tabor are located here.


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