Travel Conditions

The subject matter of this Contract is the regulation of the mutual relations of the travel organizer – the travel agency NOOR TRAVEL j.d.o.o. (hereinafter NOOR) and the TRAVELER (or in behalf of a third party). This Travel Contract contains General Conditions and Directives for Travel Arrangements. The Contract is considered binding upon signing by an employee of NOOR agency and by the traveler and upon total payment of the travel arrangement or a portion of the payment if payment of the remaining amount by the agreed date is indisputably insured by the traveler.

Travel organizer Noor guarantees that it will carry out the travel package as stated in the program. The content of the travel package will be implemented in entirety and in the described way, except in case of extreme circumstances (war, riots, strikes, terrorist activities, sanitary problems, natural disasters, interventions of authorities and similar).

In order to confirm a reservation, upon registration the traveler pays 40% of the price of the travel arrangement (if the program does not state otherwise). The remaining cost of the arrangement (60%) is paid no later than 21 days before the beginning of the trip. If the traveler does not perform his obligations no later than 21 days before the beginning of the trip, the reservation will be considered cancelled without the possibility of refunding any advanced payments.

The price of travel package includes everything that the travel organizer has mentioned in the tour program. Special services are services that are not included in the price of the travel package and therefore should be additionally paid by the traveler. For these services should be asked when applying for the travel package. Optional and special services which the traveler asks for during the journey will be paid on “the spot” to the agency representative in the currency of the visited country. The travel prices are specified in the tour program and are valid from the day of announcing the program. Prices stated in NOOR’s programs are based on contracts with our partners and an eventual price difference cannot be subject to complaint.
The travel package prices are stated in Kuna (Croatian currency), and are calculated according to prices of services in referential currencies according to the selling exchange rate of the commercial bank of the travel organizer on the specific date. The travel package price (unless otherwise stated in the tour program) generally includes: transport services, hotel and food and beverage services and travel arrangements. If mentioned in the tour program, the price can include airport fees as well as costs of services of professional and local guides. The price of travel package does not include (unless agreed otherwise): optional excursions and visits, possible costs of visas issuing, admission tickets for visited facilities. All types of special services (single bedroom, special diet and similar) are additionally paid by the traveler and must be ordered by him/her during booking.
Organizer retains the right to change the announced prices in case of change of prices of accommodation, meals, transport and other services, in other words, in case of change of the currency exchange rate which is the basis for calculating the travel package price.

Offered accommodation facilities, restaurants, transport and other are described according to the official categorization of the local tourist organization valid at the moment of the program's issuance. Standards of accommodation, food, services and other, vary greatly in specific localities and countries, and are not comparable.

The travel organizer has the right to change the program due to extreme circumstances, which cannot be foreseen, avoided or ward off (see Clause 2). The contracted accommodation can be substituted only for the accommodation in the facility of the same or higher rank and at the expense of the organizer. NOOR also retains the right to change the date or time of departure due to changes in flight schedule or extreme circumstances and occurrences, as well as the right to change the travel direction in case the conditions of travel are changed (changed flight schedule, safety situation in a specific country, natural disasters and other circumstances which NOOR cannot influence), without money compensation and according to the valid regulations in the international traffic.

NOOR can cancel the travel package entirely or partly prior to it or during program if extreme circumstances occur and cannot be avoided or warded off and, if they had occurred at the time of releasing and selling the program to the organizer. NOOR can also cancel the travel package if the necessary number of travelers anticipated for the specific travel package is not reached. The travel organizer publishes the minimal number of travelers in every travel package. In the case of travel cancellation NOOR is obliged to inform all customers at least 5 days prior to the beginning of the journey and return them the entire paid-in amount for the travel package.

If the traveler terminates a paid travel arrangement, he/she has to do it in writing. The date of written cancellation is a basis for calculation of cancellation costs according to the following table:
- for a cancellation up to 30 days prior to the departure, the organizer keeps 10% of the travel package price and minimally 100 Kuna,
- for cancellation from 22 to 29 days prior to the departure, 25% of the travel package price,
- for cancellation from 15 to 21 days prior to the departure, 40% of the travel package price,
- for cancellation from 8 to 14 days prior to the departure, 80% of the travel package price,
- for cancellation from 0 to 7 days prior to the departure, the organizer will keep 100 % of the travel package price.
- if a traveler does not show up or cancels the travel package after it had started, the organizer will keep the full amount of the travel package.

When the real costs or the share of fixed costs of the group are higher than those mentioned in the table, the travel organizer retains the right to charge the real costs. The stated costs of cancellation shall also apply to changes of the departure date or the type of the accommodation facility, as well as to other major changes. If a customer who cancels the tour finds a new user of the same booking, the organizer shall charge only the costs of replacement. In case of the cancellation of all the packages, the costs for obtaining visas or travel documents are not refunded. If the traveler has not paid the remaining amount or insured the undisputable payment of the travel arrangement 21 days before the travel departure, NOOR shall consider that the traveler has terminated the reservation.

If during travel registration, the traveler foresees that he may terminate his voyage due to specific situations, we recommend the payment of a policy of travel termination insurance. Termination insurance cannot be paid retrospectively, and can only be paid during the process of travel registration.
Termination insurance shall be applied in the following situations only, with the obligatory written confirmation: military draft, illness, death of an immediate family member. If the traveler does not possess a travel termination policy and must terminate his voyage and has a confirmation of military draft, illness or death, NOOR reserves the right of disbursement. Upon termination of a travel arrangement, the expenses of visa obtainment are not disbursed even if the traveler has a termination insurance policy. All termination conditions are stated in the insurance policy and we recommend that each traveler read them carefully.

NOOR is obliged to take care of the service performances as well as the choice of service provider. Also, NOOR is obliged to take care of the rights and interests of the travelers. The organizer is obliged to provide all mentioned services for the individual travel package and is responsible to the traveler for the possible non-performing services or part of services. The organizer is not responsible for changes or non-performing services cause of circumstances beyond its control (Clause 2) and for late arrivals of transport which are outside of the transporter’s responsibility. In these cases, the traveler will meet all additional costs.

A traveler must possess valid travel documents and provide NOOR all essential data and documents necessary to obtain a visa for the country of travel. If the traveler does not fulfill the stated obligations or the request for the obtainment of the visa is rejected, it shall be considered that the traveler has terminated the voyage. Traveler must comply with the custom and currency regulations of the Republic of Croatia, as well as of the countries in which he/she stays during the journey. Also, traveler must abide to house rules in all used facilities and comply with the instructions so as cooperate with travel organizer. At the time of departure traveler may show the document of paid travel package (original voucher, receipt, copy of the bank transfer) to the tourist escort or the representative of the organizer. In cases of non-compliance with these obligations, the traveler is responsible to the organizer for any damage he/she caused.

The transport of baggage by airplane is free of charge up to the weight determined by the airliner.
The customer pays for the excess baggage according to the current prices of the airliner. In case of bus transport, the traveler may bring along 2 pieces of personal baggage. The travelers are obliged to take care of their belongings brought onto bus, and are obliged to bring them along whenever leaving the bus. The baggage is transported at traveler’s risk and therefore the baggage insurance at the insurance company is recommended.
The travel organizer is not responsible for damaged or lost baggage as well as for stealing of baggage or valuable things at the hotel (a safe-deposit box lease is recommended). The traveler should inform the transporter or the person at the accommodation facility reception on the damaged or lost baggage, depending on where the damage or loss has occurred.

Pursuant to the Law on Providing Services in Tourism, agency employees are obliged to offer the traveler a travel insurance “package” which is comprised of: voluntary health insurance during their stay abroad, accident insurance, luggage insurance and travel termination insurance. By signing the contract, the traveler confirms that a travel insurance package has been offered. In the event that the traveler requests the mentioned insurance, it may be directly concluded with any insurance provider or with NOOR, where NOOR acts only as an intermediary.
By signing the contract it shall be considered that travelers have been offered.

The rooms/apartments shall be distributed by the reception desk staff at the place of staying. For particular features traveler must notice in advance. A higher number of guests than stated on the beginning of the trip cannot be accommodated in the rooms/apartment. Pets are not allowed into the rooms/apartments, if not otherwise stated and if so, with the additional fee.

The traveler has the right to submit a complaint due to the unfulfilled agreed upon service. The traveler is obligated to issue a written complaint to NOOR within 8 days after the finalization of the trip. Complaints issued after the deadline of 8 days will not be taken into consideration. We emphasize that it is in the best interest of the traveler to perform in good will and to show good will in solving the complaint during the trip and to submit his written complaint to the service provider on the spot (front desk, transport operator, caterer or travel agency in the destination) and to seek a written confirmation from the service provider that they received the complaint. Every traveler – contract carrier, issues a complaint individually. NOOR will not take group complaints into consideration. NOOR is obligated to issue a written solution for the complaint within 15 days after receiving the complaint and this is to be done in the way the complaint was received (e-mail, mail or personal deliver where it will be responded to through a written package with a return receipt). NOOR will solve only those complaints where the traveler submits evidence that he/she has submitted a complaint to the service provider on the spot and that the cause could not be removed on the spot. If through the fault of NOOR the program or a part of the service was unfulfilled, the traveler has the right to compensation to the height of the real value of the unused service and this cannot include already used services as well as the entire amount of the arrangement. Until NOOR delivers a decision, the traveler shall abandon mediation of any other person, court establishments or providing information to the media.

These conditions and directives for travel exclude all current conditions and directives for travel. General conditions and directives for travel are an integral part of the contract concluded between the traveler and NOOR or an authorized tourist agency where the traveler registered for a voyage organized by NOOR. The parties agree that all eventual disputable situations shall be settled by agreement. In the contrary, in the event of a dispute the legally amenable court is the Court of Zagreb, where Croatian legislation shall be used.

In case of travel organizer payment incapability, bankruptcy or insolvency, in accordance with the Law, travelers (ones traveling during these events as well as people who paid in advance for the travel) should contact insurance company stated in the Travel Contract as soon as they can, and indicate their address or phone number for the insurance representative to contact them.

The traveler is obliged to notify NOOR of all facts in regards to his health, habits, etc. that may jeopardize the progress of the voyage (if due to health or other reasons, a specific type of food is necessary, if chronically ill, if allergies are present, etc.). We recommend obtaining a health insurance policy.

The traveler voluntarily renders personal data. Personal data of the traveler are necessary in the realization process of contracted travel arrangements and shall be used for further communication. NOOR obliges that personal data of the traveler will not leave the country except for the purpose of realizing contracted travel arrangements. An exception to providing personal data to third persons applies to concluding one of travel insurance policy (travel cancellation insurance, accidents insurance, insurance from risk of damage and loss of baggage and health insurance during the journey and stay abroad). Their data will then be forwarded to an insurance provider.